Lindsey Cheek for Louisiana Attorney General

Lindsey Cheek is the People’s Lawyer

As a lawyer for the People of Louisiana, Lindsey Cheek’s entire career has been focused on advocating and fighting for clients, causes, and people that she believes in.

She has consistently delivered results and big jury verdicts for the hardworking everyday folks of our great state. Now, she’s taking up the fight for ALL Louisianans and is running to be the first female Attorney General of Louisiana.

The oldest of five kids, Lindsey has had a lot of practice making things work with very little. Her primary goal in high school was to save enough money to buy her dream car: a 1998 Honda Civic. After two summers of working and saving, her dream was realized. To pay for college, she worked full-time as a receptionist at a car dealership during the day and took on waitressing shifts at night. Then came law school. And while she incurred debt and took out student loans like so many of our young people do, she believed it was worth it… and it was. She began working at the District Attorney’s office, went on to a Plaintiff’s Law Firm, and eventually opened up her own practice.

Lindsey has taken the big guys to court in Louisiana — repeatedly. And won. Again. And again. And again. She’s worked tirelessly as a tenacious advocate to bring reparations for the injuries and death her clients have suffered as a result of corporate greed. Her clients have always been regular everyday Louisianans, who’ve suffered unfathomable inequities and tragedies because no one has tried or cared enough to prevent such. She will continue this fight in the AG’s office for ALL Louisianans. With Lindsey Cheek at the helm, families will have a tried and true lawyer fighting for THEIR safety and for THEIR future.

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