Meet Lindsey Cheek

Meet Lindsey Cheek A Pitbull for the People

Lindsey Cheek is not a politician. She is a Louisiana lawyer who spends her days fighting for the people of Louisiana. As an advocate, she first gained notoriety when she took the bad actors responsible for “cancer alley” to court – and won. These days, Lindsey litigates on behalf of everyday folks who have been affected by corporate greed, unfathomable inequities, and environmental tragedies. She works on behalf of women and workers who have developed cancer through no fault of their own. She is a protector – a Pitbull for the People.

A Family Leader

As the oldest of five children, Lindsey honed her leadership skills from a young age, mastering the art of making the most out of limited resources. Her upbringing in a modest household instilled the  importance of family unity, a core value she continues to champion.

In 2015, Lindsey founded The Cheek Law Firm LLC, with the help of her sister. The Cheek Sisters have profound faith in each other and treat clients like family. Lindsey’s leadership has propelled the firm to new heights, earning recognition in the local community and on a national scale.

A Community Member

Lindsey is a dog-mom to three dachshunds and a beekeeper to two colonies of honeybees. She is a former marathon runner, an ironman competitor and has a blackbelt in karate. She is a a member of the Louisiana Bar, a faculty member of Tulane Law School’s Trial Advocacy Program and serves on the Executive Committee of the Louisiana Association of Justice. Lindsey is passionate about supporting the University of New Orleans female athletes through EmpowHER, New Orleans’ St Augustine High School scholarship fund, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and Habitat for Humanity. Lindsey is a home owner, a community leader, a mentor, an advocate, and a lawyer for the people of Louisiana.

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