I stand before you as a fierce advocate for women’s reproductive rights, including the right to choose life for themselves. Louisiana has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, and it’s hurting – actually, it’s killing – Louisiana women, girls, and families. These restrictions disproportionately impact low-income women and black communities and almost guarantee the perpetuity of an endless cycle of poverty. This is counter-productive to the American Dream that you can do and be anything. In rural areas, access to reproductive healthcare treatments, such as family planning and abortion services, is restricted. This state is moving backward, not forward, due to the government’s intrusive meddling in the personal and private medical decisions made by women and their doctors, especially in light of the heinous absence of any exceptions for rape or incest.

My brother is a convicted felon who spent time in prison for a split-second poor choice he made as a juvenile, but – he got a second chance in life because of an effective anti-recidivism program in prison. He is now a college graduate with a beautiful daughter, and he owns a successful business. By investing in programs that help former offenders reintegrate into society and avoid returning to a life of crime, states can save significant taxpayer dollars in the long run. Recidivism programs are crucial in the US because they provide a more comprehensive and progressive approach to dealing with crime and its underlying causes. These initiatives seek to lower crime, save money, and build safer, more compassionate communities by strongly emphasizing rehabilitation, reintegration, and assistance for those with criminal pasts.

Louisiana is long overdue to have a people-focused AG that is not beholden to Industry – to Oil and Gas Giants, Insurance Companies, Big Pharma Corporations – or anyone. I am not now and will never be beholden to Industry. I have always been a lawyer for regular, everyday people because I came from and am one of those ordinary people. Policies influenced by oil and gas money result in relaxed air and water quality regulations, posing risks to public health. The oil and gas industry is vested in maintaining the status quo and delaying policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Financial contributions to corrupt politicians obstruct efforts to combat climate change.

As Attorney General, I will go after the rampant corruption by insurance companies throughout the state. Louisiana consistently ranks among the states with the highest insurance premiums, including homeowners, auto, and flood insurance. Addressing corruption within the insurance sector is crucial to protect consumers and maintain the industry’s integrity. It is crucial that Louisiana’s insurance department has the resources and authority needed to monitor insurers effectively. Currently, the laws are riddled with loopholes that allow legislators to lawfully enrich themselves in office. It is important to treat these problems before they happen by continuing to invest in infrastructure improvements, disaster preparedness, and risk reduction initiatives will lower the frequency and severity of insurance claims. I will implement policies and regulations that promote transparency in insurance transactions, disclosure of information to policyholders, and accountability for insurers and intermediaries. I will ensure that laws related to insurance fraud and corruption are rigorously enforced.

Louisiana frequently ranks below the national average in educational achievement, standardized test scores, and high school graduation rates. Juvenile delinquency is more likely to occur among young people with lower educational attainment, which leads to criminal behavior as an adult. We need to hold these officials accountable and work with legislators to create strategies to improve educational outcomes in these schools. Continued lack of education funding starts a cycle where low-educated individuals are more likely to engage in criminal behavior, leading to incarceration, which can further disrupt their education and employment prospects. I want to ensure all Louisianaians have access to quality education, including early childhood education. And will continue to support community-based organizations and initiatives that provide educational support, mentorship, and job training to at-risk individuals. We must address these challenges by combining policy reforms, increased investment in education, teacher recruitment and training initiatives, expansion of early childhood education, and targeted interventions in underperforming schools.

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